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Music producer, business owner & musician

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My name is Rutger Verhox and I’m a 24-year old Music Producer from the Netherlands in Europe. Over the years I’ve worked with several local artists and sold my beats world-wide to a broad variety of artists that operate in many musical genres. 

Besides making beats, I own and run my own business and help local artists engage in their musical entrepeneurship.

"I'm all-in for people to pursue their ambitions and make a living out of it."

What once started out as a hobby later grew out to be my passion and livelihood. This allowed me to dedicate my life to music and help artists try and achieve the same..

I’m a multi-genre producer, but specialise in Afrobeats, Reggaeton, Dancehall, RnB & Pop. My music would be best described as popular music with summer vibes and electronic influences.

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